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Welcome to Jacob Academy

Jacob Academy recognizes the fact that the early years of one’s life are very crucial for total growth and development. Children should be exposed to a very stimulating environment so they can maximize the use of their senses.

Here in our school, we offer a very enriching surrounding full of love, warmth and learning while maintaining close monitoring during activities to ensure safety for all children, especially the little ones. Our staff are well disciplined themselves, and highly knowledgeable in early childhood care and education.

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Our Commitment

Our Core Values

Love – Our staff is committed to loving children, families, and other staff unconditionally as God through Christ Jesus has loved us.

  • With a love that is patient and kind
  • With a love that is forgiving and forgets wrong
About Us

Our Curriculum

Through the use of the Frog Street Curriculum, we offer the following programs.

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Helping each child grow and develop to their full potential.

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A specific program for developing three-year olds.

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We guide your child and help them learn about the world around them.

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We nurture your child’s curiosity and watch over them as they explore their environment.

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