About Us


Jacob Academy was founded in 2009, and is owned and operated by Penny Gautier. Penny is the proud mom of Ty, Kimberly, and Kenzie; and is happily married to Derald Gautier, who is currently the Senior Pastor of Belmar Baptist Church in Lakewood. Penny has worked in the field of education and administration for the past 20 years. She has taught children from infants through sixth grade throughout her career. She has also administrated from 3 to 50 staff members during various job opportunities. It has been her desire for many years to open and operate her own facility. It is her mission to provide children in the Lakewood area with the best early childhood education experience possible.

Jacob Academy was named in memorial of Penny’s nephew Jacob, who traveled on to the gates of heaven along with his father on June 13th, 2004.

We would love to meet you and answer any further questions that you may have about our center. Please stop by Jacob Academy anytime for a tour or access our online contact us form.